Five or six times a year rancher Darrell Winfield would receive a telephone call that sent him to majestic "Marlboro Country." Pictured in the classic advertising campaign more often than any other Marlboro Man, Mr. Winfield's bushy mustache, the fine crow's-feet around his eyes, plus a noble chin, made him a genuine 1970's personality. Once, he was invited to attend a Chicago party. Winfield had a good time, but he really didn't care that much for city life. What the Marlboro Man did enjoy was shooting the bull with cronies while passing around a bottle of brandy. Yep, a tailgate party held in a dusty rodeo parking lot was truly Marlboro country. This real life cowboy owns a horse ranch in Wyoming, roped steers in rodeos, and modeled for Philip Morris.
d. w.

January 17th, 2015---Darrell Winfield died today at his Wyoming home after a lengthy illness. He was 85 years old.

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