"...Aaahh, THE GOOD TIMES..."

Norman Rockwell enjoys a special place in the hearts of many Americans as one of our most beloved artists. The paintings that Rockwell created for The Saturday Evening Post, Look, and other magazines have come to epitomize all that is good about the United States. Rockwell entertained us for over six decades with his humorous art about everyday life. He had a knack for leading his viewers down a very pleasant memory lane. In 1980 The Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. advertised their Raleigh Cigarettes with a series of delightful magazine ads and a calendar that were a photographic tribute to Mr. Rockwell. Humor isn't often used to promote cigarettes, but when it is, the results allow us to put on our happy face as we let the good times roll.
calendar calendar

The Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. knew that it was always a pleasure to enjoy the good times, and made available a portfolio of three of these good times ads that had all Raleigh Cigarette identification removed. Framed or unframed, B&W suggested that these prints would compliment the comfort and attractiveness of the American home. The salesman playing hooky to fish was one of the three handsome prints.

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