1913---ca. mid 1950s

Gone but not forgotten (at least by me) is a cigarette smoking dude that went by the name of, well, Dude. Herbert Tareyton's monocled 'Dude' was a dapper spokesman usually found at aristocratic sporting events. Herbert Tareyton Cigarettes were first produced by Albert Falk and his Falk Tobacco Company in 1913. The blend of Bright and Latakia tobaccos, with no flavoring, was well received by those American smokers who preferred an English type cigarette. The brandname didn't refer to an actual person, just an Anglo sound that appealed to Mr. Falk. In the late 1920's the Herbert Tareyton tobacco blend was changed with the addition of Burley. This old timer now had a taste similar to Lucky Strike. Herbert Tareyton Cigarettes were king sized in 1940, then given a filter tip in 1953. The companion Herbert Tareyton Smoking Mixture was sold in a round tin.
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